I'm just going to come out and say it— Asheville is a hipster haven. There are microbreweries, art galleries, and new american gastropubs a plenty— but perhaps it's the fact that they've been doing this for ages (most residents would identify as hippies, not hipsters) combined with Asheville's lush, woodsy backdrop and the Blue Ridge Mountains that keeps the vibe down to earth rather than insufferably cool.

While the hotels in Asheville offer a great value by American standards, many of them seem determined to aesthetically replicate one of Asheville's biggest tourist attractions, The Biltmore estate. While there's nothing wrong with Biltmore, to me the Airbnb inventory offers a much more authentic representation of what makes Asheville unique, such as woodsy cottages and mystical domes created by the artists who live there.

For those concerned about accessibility we recommend staying in a ground floor room at The Beaucatcher, or the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville.

For couples & close friends

"Gashes Fluff Haus"   Starting at $85/Night

This historic 116-year old cottage is so picturesque, and makes us feel like we're in Central Europe instead of the U.S. The home itself is located a bit farther out from Asheville in a rural area, but it is close to major roads leading downtown and into the mountains. Many reviewers also mentioned waking up to the sight of bunnies and puppies outside their window so... if you're not sold on that, do you even have a heart?

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible and has low ceilings at 6'2".

"The Arch Suite"   Starting at $90/Night

The centerpiece of this minimalist home are the half moon windows overlooking the forest outside. Inside, the bedroom and bathroom were recently remodeled this past year and the home also has a lovely circular deck for lounging and enjoying the fresh air.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"Motherwood Sanctuary"   Starting at $55/Night

This one's for the adventure seekers. The geodesic dome is located farther out in the woods— so it's not the best spot if you're wanting to dine out often. But it does offer gorgeous views of the surrounding nature. For the price and size this would be a totally great option for solo-travelers too, but I think it would be so romantic to experience this place with company.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"West A'Ville Sanctuary in the Trees"   Starting at $90/Night

The wooden interiors and surrounding trees will make you forget this home is actually in the middle of a residential neighborhood in West Asheville. Located underneath the host's modern home this seems like the perfect place for two to unwind.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

For solo travellers

"Urban Oasis in Asheville"   Starting at $62/Night

This charming little home is one of the best values in Asheville if you're going to be traveling alone— and while it can fit up to 4 people, we think it'd be most comfortable for one. It's also a short drive to downtown (yes, you'll need a car in Asheville) while still being pleasantly private.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"West Asheville Urban Abode"   Starting at $78/Night

A colorful garden unit that's located on Asheville's west side and walking distance to the farmer's market and several restaurants— which means not having to deal with parking. We also hear the host sometimes leaves complimentary drinks for guests! ;)

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"The Zen Cabin"   Starting at $80/Night

This cabin looks like a witch's home from a storybook, and also like the perfect place to get away from your everyday life and reflect or work on a creative project. The private space also has large windows to give you a great view of the enchanting forest all around.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"The Rad Pad"   Starting at $110/Night

Located in the same area as the "West Asheville Urban Abode" listed above and walking distance to restaurants on Haywood street, but for a bit more a night you can get a lot more room to stretch out and also enjoy all the natural light in this bright and sunny loft.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

For groups and gatherings

"Rustic Pine, Peaceful Mountain Home"   Starting at $135/Night

This gorgeous mountain home blends in perfectly with the surrounding forest. In fact, the home boasts of the variety of trees that can be found on their grounds. What's even more impressive is the natural light bursting into the living room which would be perfect for socializing as a family or big group. Accomodates up to 4 people.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"Serenity Yurt"   Starting at $140/Night

I feel like 90% of the yurts I see on Airbnbs are overpriced for what they offer. Sorry, it's true. Serenity Yurt however makes the cut because it has almost as many amenities as a hotel or typical airbnb— including a functional bathroom, kitchen area with fridge, and a huge wraparound porch with a hot tub. The interior kind of reminds me of the tents in Harry Potter when they go to the Quidditch world cup. 🤓

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"The Bungalow on Norwood"   Starting at $175/Night

This is what I love about Asheville: that in the American southeast you can somehow find what looks to be Sherlock Holmes' modern day bachelor pad. This home is actually gorgeous, though. It's got two cozy living rooms, a spacious and modern kitchen, even a little home gym with a sunroof. It's the perfect place for a fall or winter group gathering. Accomodates up to 5 people.

This airbnb is not wheelchair accessible.

"The Best View in Asheville"   Starting at $199/Night

Okay, so this house kind of looks like something out of Black Mirror (you know the episode), but it's also pretty much perfect for its location. They weren't kidding about the 'best view' part as every room in the single story home has huge windows. It's spacious, it's luxurious, surrounded by nature, and it even has underfloor heating. I mean, come on. Accomodates up to 4 people.

This airbnb *IS* wheelchair accessible. Wahoo!